Resident researchers at the École française de Rome

The Écoles françaises à l’étranger have implemented the status of resident researcher in their establishments from the start of the 2012 academic year.

At the École française de Rome (EFR), this status is granted to teacher-researchers, statutory researchers or post-docs under contract who are hosted for a stay of three to six months, potentially renewable, to carry out their research activities in Rome as part of one of the four research themes defined by the Scientific Council. Particular attention will be paid to applications supporting one of the scientific programmes supported by the EFR. For this, it is recommended to get in touch with the programme coordinators before sending the application.

The acceptance of these researchers is regulated by agreement between the EFR and the organization to which these researchers are attached. The EFR provides them with all its material and scientific resources to facilitate the implementation of their programme.

Help with expenses for their stay away from their residence can also be offered to laureates who do not have their own external funding:

  • accommodation costs (researcher with possible accompanying person);
  • The reimbursement of one trip per semester to their main residence, on the basis of the rate voted by the Board of Directors of the EFR (300€ maximum for a Europe-Italy trip or 450€ if it is necessary to join the main airport by making a first trip greater than or equal to 100 km).


To find out the recruitment calendar, submit your application and for any other additional information, see the application information on the French page of the website



Page translated from French, 2021/21/07