The EFR Library provides readers with a photocopy service furnished by Library staff. The service respects Italian copyright law (maximum authorised: 15% of the total number of pages of a book).

Any reproduction of one of the Library’s documents is subject to authorisation. Such authorisation can be refused depending on the age and physical condition of the document in question.

Request form (in french)


€0.20 per page

Photocopy service opening times

Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.45pm

Requests made before 6pm will be met on the same day.  


A scanner at the Library

The cost of the scanner at the entrance to the Library is 5 euro cents per image (free to members and scholarship students).  

All requests for scans must be made to Library staff. Forms are available in the appropriate counter.

The scanner is available for use from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6.45pm. Italian copyright law applies (maximum authorised: 15% of the total number of pages of a book).

We would kindly ask you to pay for the service upon making your request. Scans are made by the readers themselves.   

Request form (in french)



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Téléphone : 06 68 60 13 30

Télécopie: 06 68 60 12 66

mail : secrbiblio(at)

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