Inter-library loans

Providing photocopy extracts from books and articles held in other libraries

This service applies only to libraries. Libraries can, on behalf of readers, request photocopies or scans of articles from periodicals or extracts from books held in the EFR library.

Original books and periodicals cannot be loaned.

Request form to be sent to the dedicated service


The library respects current legislation on intellectual property.
Individuals using the service undertake to use scans and photocopies exclusively for research purposes.


  • Public or parapublic bodies (free for French Schools Abroad)

 Every 50 copies sent through the mail                                        1 IFLA voucher or €8.00
 Every 10 copies sent by fax                                                       1 IFLA voucher or €8.00

  • Private bodies                        

 Every 50 copies sent through the mail                                        2 IFLA vouchers or €16.00
 Every 10 copies sent by fax                                                       2 IFLA vouchers or €16.00


Readers registered at the EFR Library

The EFR Library can, on behalf of its readers, request the loan or copy of a document that is not held in its collections or in any other library in Rome.   
In order to check, please consult the library catalogue "Farnese" - URBiS - ACNP - SBN

Request form to be sent to dedicated service


The price of the service, as well as the conditions of consultation of original documents, is set by the lending library. Readers are informed prior to the confirmation of their requests.

Duration of loans

The lending library decides on the length of the loan. Loans are only authorised to readers making requests in person.  

Waiting time             

Requests are processed within 24 working hours of reception.  

Loans are generally delivered within between 5 and 15 days of a request for them having been made.   


Palais Farnese

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Téléphone : 06 68 60 13 30

Télécopie: 06 68 60 12 66

mail : secrbiblio(at)

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